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Basic White Bread
This is my go-to basic white bread recipe. I've made it a lot and everyone seems to like it. Works great for loaves or rolls and survives the freezer well.
B-17 Queen of the Skies Aircrew Generator
An aircrew generator script for use with Avalon Hill's single player WWII wargame, B-17, Queen of the Skies. The names are generated from lists of names applicable to that time period.
Alpine on the Aopen Chromebase or Chromebox Mini
Installing Alpine Linux with custom kernel on the Aopen Chromebase or Chromebox Mini. These devices were targeted for digital signage and are known as veyron-tiger and veyron-fievel, respectively.
Notes for bspwm and sxhkd
Notes on installing and configuring binary space tiling window manager (bspwm) and simple X hotkey daemon (sxhkd) on Alpine Linux.
Bridge wlan0 and eth0 on Alpine Linux
Bridge a wifi and ethernet connection on Alpine Linux using proxy ARP. This enables you to share a single wifi connection with multiple wired clients.