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Generating a Crew

The table of crew names below was generated by a shell script when your browser requested this page. Refresh the page to get a whole new crew.

Bombardier2nd_Lieutenant2nd_LieutenantVIRGIL MCFARLAND
Navigator2nd_Lieutenant2nd_LieutenantHERBERT SWEENEY
PilotCaptainCaptainWALTER MADDOX
Co-pilot2nd_Lieutenant2nd_LieutenantBRUCE BENNETT
EngineerMaster_SergeantMaster_SergeantRAYMOND RIVERS
Radio OperatorSergeantSergeantBOB MCCLURE
Ball TurretSergeantSergeantLEONARD HAYNES
Port WaistSergeantSergeantRAYMOND HALE
Starboard WaistSergeantSergeantRUDOLPH MURRAY
Tail GunnerSergeantSergeantDONALD SCHMIDT