B-17 Queen of the Skies Aircrew Generator

Generating a Crew

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Bombardier2nd_Lieutenant2nd_LieutenantDON GUERRA
Navigator2nd_Lieutenant2nd_LieutenantLAWRENCE JOSEPH
PilotCaptainCaptainGEORGE BARTLETT
Co-Pilot2nd_Lieutenant2nd_LieutenantJESSIE HERRING
EngineerMaster_SergeantMaster_SergeantCHARLIE MADDOX
Radio OperatorSergeantSergeantLEROY MANN
Ball TurretSergeantSergeantMIKE HOGAN
Port WaistSergeantSergeantCLARENCE AYERS
Starboard WaistSergeantSergeantMELVIN PHELPS
Tail GunnerSergeantSergeantMICHAEL PORTER